Frequently Asked Questions

Who am I talking to on the phone?
You're talking to an Artificial Intelligence powered software program. Max, your Mindscribe, was designed and built to ask questions- not answer them. So don't be surprised when he can't answer your questions!
Is Mindscribe available on other platforms than iOS?
Currently it is not. However Android and Web versions of the product are on our roadmap.
What is Symbiose Technologies?
Symbiose Technologies is the company, founded by Ryan McKinney, that created and operates the Mindscribe products and services.
Is my data safe?
Yes. We adhere to industry standards and best practices in data encryption and security. No one will be able to see your data beyond the people that you explicitly become friends with on Mindscribe.
How much does Mindscribe cost?
Currently, Mindscribe is completely free. It will always be free, for any user, to view and share the content created with their Mindscribe.

We will be making Mindscribe a paid, subscription-based service (with a free trial) in the near future. Pricing is to be determined.
I have an idea...
Please contact us with any feature requests! We are in the early days of product development- Mindscribe has a bright future ahead of it.