Mindscribe. Your Personal Biographer

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How does Mindscribe work

Choose a Topic

Before every call, you choose a topic to talk about. You'll be asked questions about what you select!

Talk with Mindscribe

Your Mindscribe, an Artificial Intelligence powered program, will ask you questions about your selected topic over a phone call. He can't answer questions- he just asks them!

Listen and Discuss

Your selected friends and family can then listen to your stories and answers on Mindscribe. Hear what they think after they listen to your stories!
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How does it work
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A home for your thoughts

Diverse Topics

More topics and questions are added daily. Let Mindscribe help you reflect on your life as you live it.


Schedule reminders for your phone calls with Mindscribe.

Authentic Conversations

No clickbait or fake news. Just stories and opinions as told by you, your friends, and your family.

Secret answers

Make any of your answers secret so no one can see it but you!

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Stimulate Memories

Talking to your Mindscribe, Max, is a way to reflect on the life you have already lived and explore the life you have yet to live. Max asks you thought-provoking questions so you can tell your stories.

Connect Deeper

Allow your friends and family to experience your childhood, travels, and countless other areas of your memories all through your personal perspective.

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